Celebrity Home Search: Ice & Coco

The Law & Order star, Ice T and his entrepreneurial muse Coco call the New Jersey waterfront their home. Moving to New York City from Los Angeles about 10 years ago they encountered sticker shock in Manhattan, finding property values were far higher than that of Beverly Hills, a surprise most of us are far too familiar with. Not to mention the lack of space. As they enjoyed the sunsets from Manhattan’s upper west side, they looked across the Hudson thinking, why not live on the other side? After all, the view of the iconic New York City skyline couldn’t be seen from within Manhattan its self.

Taking an afternoon drive to the gold coast, that same day, signing a contract on a new construction penthouse on the New Jersey waterfront. Now, six years later, and into the second season of their reality show Ice Loves Coco on E! Entertainment, the couple has decided that New Jersey is home, although they own homes in Florida and Arizona, New Jersey is where they see themselves for years to come.

Ice, Coco and Lil’ Ice joined me for dinner at Zylo in the W Hoboken a few weeks ago, after recapping our  journey from Las Vegas to Miami in July during our second Bullrun Rally, the conversation turned to real estate. Expressing their need for more space (Coco’s closet already takes up a full bedroom in their current home, but with the launch of her new apparel line and personal shoe collection, space is an issue) plus, because the condo was converted from a three bedroom to one, it lacks a guest room for family when they visit. Although they weren’t thinking of moving just yet, we made plans to look at a few properties together just a few days later.

Sneak peek of Ice & Coco’s new home.

Falling in love with a super modern, new construction, single family, New Jersey waterfront home, the couple unexpectedly found their perfect home. Having an elevator, gated driveway and infinity pool, plus a “man cave” for him (a six car garage) and a 550 sqft closet for her, which Ice affectionally calls the “bitch cave” it had everything they were looking for and more. Watch the second season of Ice Loves Coco on E! to see their home search, as they tour their new home for the first time.

Ice, Coco and I after signing the contract and meeting with the architect to design their new home.